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Drug Possession Attorney in New Haven, Connecticut

If you have been arrested for or charged with drug possession of any illegal drug, you risk losing your hard-earned money, freedom, and reputation. It is in your very best interest to contact the Law Office of Paul V. Carty if you have been charged with minor possession, possession with intent to deliver or sell, or any other drug possession crime in the New Haven area. Our firm provides committed defense, and we will vigorously defend your rights as you face the Connecticut criminal justice system. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Skilled Legal Representation

Experienced Representation Against Drug Charges

We represent people charged with all types of drug possession crimes, from minor possession to charges for possession of large amounts with the intent to distribute. Our firm dedicates significant resources and time to defending people who are charged with misdemeanor and felony possession of narcotics and drugs such as:

  • Marijuana

  • Heroin

  • Ecstasy

  • Cocaine, crack

  • Methamphetamines (meth)

  • Illegally obtained prescription drugs

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • Other narcotics and controlled substances

As it relates to drug possession and narcotics charges, our firm also defends people who are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs, drug distribution, or drug manufacturing, as well as crimes involving juvenile law issues.

Dedicated and Skillful Defense of Your Rights

In his experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut, attorney Paul V. Carty has defended more than 50 cases through to a verdict. His significant experience and skill in handling any type of criminal case help him to skillfully defend his clients against drug possession charges and present successful arguments to judges and juries in state and federal courts. His goal is to protect your rights, and he will work zealously to make sure you receive all the rights and protection to which you are entitled according to the Constitution.

We will thoroughly investigate the facts and evidence in your case, and we will act quickly if it becomes clear that the police acted inappropriately in their investigation, during your arrest, or in gathering evidence. If your rights were violated, or if evidence was obtained during an illegal search of your home or car, we will work hard to have this evidence thrown out so it cannot be used against you. We skillfully conduct investigations, interview witnesses, and carefully evaluate the evidence against you to best advise you about your options.

To talk with an experienced defense lawyer about the drug possession charges against you in a free initial consultation, call the Law Office of Paul V. Carty or fill out our online form.